On Buying New Tyres: What Are Your Priorities?

A survey done by Kwik Fit indicates that approximately nine million cars get a puncture annually, which is approximately a quarter of the number of cars on the road. It also presents an astonishing number of people as blank when it comes to handling flat tyres. The only option for most of these people is getting new tyres. However, still this path is not as easy as it sounds as the bewildering range of Brisbane tyres can make tyre shopping really confusing. Use the below tips to guide you through your next venture.

Buy the correct tyres

It’s necessary to get the suitable tyres for your car. You can find the tyres recommended for your vehicle in the manufacturer’s manual. You will find the tyre recommended by size, speed rating as well as road rating. Equipped with this information, finding a replacement tyre for your car will be a walk in the park. While a car manufacturer cannot choose for you the brand to go with, you will find it much easier using the brand that the car was fitted with when you bought it.

Trust the brand you own

There are myriad of Brisbane tyres in the stores all varying in size, performance and price. The good thing is you don’t have to worry about the size and performance as that’s already determined by the manual. The bone of contention comes in the price. Inside a retailer’s shop, the different brands come with different prices and it is common to find the most known brands being offered at premium prices. While you can be tempted often to go with the cheap ones, a trusted brand is a safer bet as it has a history in the market and a consumer support network which lacks with a relatively new brand.

Besides, tyres are the most important equipment in a vehicle as they provide acceleration, steering and braking on all kinds of roads. You would not want to risk compromising on these functions with an unknown brand. Also, major tyres mostly have a countrywide representation and as a result in case anything goes wrong with the tyre then you can easily contact them. This is unlike cheaper brands that are mostly imports, and the suppliers can probably not offer the level of customer support that you will find with most of the popular brands.

Various kinds of car tyres and their features to proffer you a safe ride at all times

It is very important for the car owners to understand the various kinds of roads and their idiosyncrasies. Continental tyres are crafted with top-notch technology, which delivers a smooth brake to induce the greatest amount of safety while driving. And when you are looking for variations in performance and usability, you can opt for Bridgestone tyres, which offer you a wide range of choice namely Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE003, which is the toughest of all, Bridgestone Dueler A/T 697 for moderate usage, Bridgestone Supercat, Bridgestone Ecopia EP 100, Bridgestone Potenza RE050A, Bridgestone Turanza and a lot more. The choices are endless, and you will just have to select a car tyre as per your needs.

Also, regardless of whether you are looking for a tyre for your sedan, SUV or your bike, MRF has something to offer you. Michelin tyres have top class tyres with proven balance of long comfort, traction and long wear life. Other reputed brands of car tyres include Ceat, Good Year, JK tyres, etc., and it is imperative to opt for the tyres that have been tailor-made as per driving needs.


Just as in any purchase venture, when it comes to tyre purchase, you require some level of knowledge too. This is because not only will it be time wasting but less intimidating as well when you walk into the store. Make sure you have good knowledge of your situation as well as budget. Also you could visit websites of tyre manufacturers and online tyre sellers to ensure you get the highest quality tyre and also an affordable one.

When it comes to buying Brisbane tyres, three things are most important. First, the size of tyre, the brand, and having facts as all these will reduce the time spent in these stores and make your work much easier.