5 Vital Tips in Taking Care of Your Car’s Windscreen

Having scratches, chips, cracks or any damages on your windscreen is surely a headache, especially that it can affect your field of vision whilst driving. Of course, it can also lead you to huge hassles and expenses like repairs and replacements.



Thus, you want to avoid any harm on your windscreen or know what to do if it acquires one or few.

Read on for a few valuable tips that could help you in taking care of your car’s front glass.

How to Take Care of Your Wind Screen?

For you to avoid any damages on your car’s front glass, here are tips you can take note. This can also help you to know what to do if you have one or a few scratches, chips or cracks.

1. Remember Not to Slam the Doors

Slamming the doors of your cars can cause significant vibrations to push your side windscreen off their tracks. Moreover, note this tip if you have chipped windscreens on your car, as these vibrations cause the chips to go bigger and even become cracks.

2. Avoid Parking Your Car under Direct Sunlight

Don’t leave your car under the direct heat of the sun as much as possible. That could cause various damages to your windscreen, like affecting its structural reliability or worsening of existing chips.

Always make it a habit to park your car in a garage, or find a shady spot like under a tree. Such a simple reminder can do a lot for your windscreen.

3. Clean Your Car’s Wipers Regularly

Your wipers clean your windscreen, thus you need to keep it on good condition too. This is to avoid causing scratches on your windscreen, especially when dirt, dust, sand and other stuff accumulates in it.

You can use soft rags with windscreen fluid to clean your wipers every 3 months or consider completely changing your wipers.

4. Don’t Use Ammonia-based Glass Cleaners on Your Wind Screen

You may use ammonia-based cleaners on common household glass but never apply it on your windscreen. This can cause negatively affect the tint of your car’s glass.

Remember to always use specialized windscreen cleaners, vinegar or alcohol in cleaning your windscreen to avoid harming its tint.

5. Repair Any Chips As Soon As Possible

Any small chips can become larger when left unattended, and large chips can become cracks. Wouldn’t want any cracks on your windscreen as it simply means you need to replace it.

For you to avoid the necessity of having new windscreens, always repair small cracks using resin. You can also bring it to a reliable windscreen repair service for a better assessment of your wind screen’s condition, and for proper repairs or replacements to be done.

Always remember these five valuable tips, for you to keep your windscreen on good condition. However, if you already need expert repairs or replacements, always look for a reliable service centre for best results.

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