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Duster - Lambswool Duster


Nothing drives us to distraction as much as a coating of dust on a freshly waxed car!

Over the years many of us have been attracted to the seeming advantages of the car duster with long curled cotton strands that look like unraveled cotton rope. These dusters typically are made of soft cotton impregnated with paraffin or some other tacky substance to pick up dust particles from the painted surface. Unfortunately, repeated cleaning to remove dust particles can also remove the paraffin making them less and less effecive. Allowing dust to build up on the cotton fibers risks damage to your finish.

The Lambswool Duster works through static electricity. Spinning the handle between the palms of your hands creates a static charge in the wool that attracts the dust particles away from the surface through static electricity while barely touching the surface. Cleaning the Lambswool Duster can be done simply by wiping the wool with a lightly moistened towel. Then spin the shaft again to dry the fibers and fluff it again for instant reuse. The leather loop at the end of the handle allows you to hang it up for easy storage.

24" long.

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  • Model: A-24
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • Manufactured by: Various

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