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Detailing Philosophy


Emmons Coachworks Detailing Philosophy

In 1988 Emmons Coachworks began building our reputation by demanding perfection in all that we do. Our insistence on offering only the finest products created a standard that we also used when we began defining our processes and procedures for detailing. From that beginning and for a period of over 15 years Emmons Coachworks provided detailing services that were unrivaled in the Chicago area in their thoroughness and end result. We learned that the elements of a perfect detail are actually very simple; use the finest products, follow proven techniques, and allow sufficient time to do the job right. Anything less diminishes the end result.

From this experience we learned that silicone is one of the great enemies of a “perfect detail”. It is an inexpensive ingredient that companies use to make your paint slippery and cause water to bead. But it also creates spider-webbing on your paint commonly described as “swirl marks”. Most mass market products and space age solutions will give you this swirl effect. The most effective way to avoid this problem is to use non-abrasive paint cleaning products followed by waxes with high percentages of carnauba. This two-step combination of pre-cleaning followed by a high carnauba wax has the greatest potential for providing the “perfect detail” you are after. It will give you clarity and depth of color as well as protection for your finish. While other brands may meet many of those criteria, Zymol has been the product innovator and has set the standard against which other products are compared. So why not use the very best?

To achieve perfection, technique can be almost as important as the product used. At Emmons Coachworks we believe that hand application, while taking more time, provides superior results for most consumers without the risk of buffer burn and without the need to spend additional time cleaning up after the buffet has left wax in the seams, crevices and around emblems. With hand application you have much better control of both the product and your process so the clean-up at the end is minimal. We recommend microfiber or 100% cotton wash mitts, towels and applicators for virtually all processes except the final wax (and glass) buff. Since the development of microfiber towels it is now possible to achieve a perfect smear-free final finish with minimal effort.

Finally, perfection cannot be rushed. The products we recommend have the potential of giving you great results. The hand applied processes are logical, simple to follow and will minimize your chance for errors. But, as with anything else you may do, if you do not devote sufficient time to complete the project your results will fall short of your expectations.

We are here to help. Call us with questions you may have about our products and how to use them most effectively. We can help you sort out your technique and answer questions about specific problems you may have with the finish of your car. But, in the end, achieving the “perfect detail” is up to you. Information Copyright © 2011 Emmons Coachworks, Ltd.  

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